Why mother ‘s day celebration for only one day ?

Happy Mother’s Day Celebration

As we are following most of the  western culture and according to which Mother’s day is celebrated to give honor to the mother of the family and motherhood.

Second Sunday of May Month is celebrated as Mother’s day and it was first began from U.S. in the early 20th century on May 9, 1914.

What do you think, if you wish to your mother by saying “Happy Mother’s Day” once in a year and you fulfilled your responsibility form your side, It should not be like that we give honor only one day in a year and forget for the whole year.

It doesn’t matter what the day we celebrate mother’s day in our nation, sharing our emotion is not required any specific day, each and every day should be Mother’s Day !

No one can fulfill as mother’s greatness is infinite. I can not be expressed in words, it can be felt when realize the same.A mother do too much for her children but once children grows they forget all these things about their mother. Now a days anyone can see this example on the road, his neighborhood, people even not giving respect to his mother. Its is very common thing now a days to see example, it will not surprise to you.

If you can not do big things for your mother then at least give her respect, she does not require your wealth, she only require respect and love from you.

So on mother’s day at least give her respect and start loving to your mother from today onward. She will be too much happy and she will forget your all the mistakes and will be very glad on you.

So friends don’t ignore to your mother as you are part of their blood, celebrate on mother’s day and give a feel to your mother that you are the best child in this world.


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